“The FAST and FRIENDLY service is great but the PEACE OF MIND provided by using QuickLiens is invaluable. Knowing that QuickLiens keeps up with Medicare and Medicaid repayment developments makes me more confident that I am PROTECTING MY CLIENTS in an uncertain and ever changing climate.”

Randi Brown Mary, Attorney - Brown & Mary, LLC

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Identify Medicare Exposure Early

QuickLiens.com routinely expedites Medicare final demand research and Medicare Set-Aside allocations, quickly identifying Medicare exposure when you need it.

No Attorney Cost

Outsourcing Medicare lien research and Medicare Set-Aside allocations to QuickLiens.com alleviates operating overhead for firms and maximizes employee time in your areas that matter most.

Utilize Our Strategy

With QuickLiens.com, our methodology compliance and perpetual contact with Medicare provides aggressive case management, insuring that Medicare final demands and MSA allocations are processed ASAP.

Streamline Your Medicare Caseload

Submitting Medicare lien requests and MSAs to QuickLiens.com takes about 2 minutes, alleviating your Medicare bottleneck problem. Let us handle the headache.

Our Services

Medicare, Medicaid and ERISA lien compliance is EFFORTLESS for our attorneys!
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Our Methodology

QuickLiens.com maintains daily contact with Medicare implementing aggressive lien management and turnaround for your cases. We process each lien request as timely as possible. Our daily management allows us to quickly identify lien issues, respond accordingly and resolve liens in real-time.

Professional References

We pride ourselves in our work ethic and professionalism. Personal injury attorneys nationwide take advantage of outsourcing their Medicare lien resolution through our company. Contact us immediately to obtain professional references from a range of customers! You can also see what our clients are saying on our Testimonials page.


Maximize Client Recovery

Our QuickLiens.com staff successfully APPEALS Medicare lien amounts and generates the lowest defensible MSA allocations. Please contact us immediately should you have a case requiring a lien reduction at 888.979.4441. Start maximizing client recovery today.

Medicare Liens and Medicare Set Asides

Medicare Liens & Medicare Set-Asides

Never Hassle with Medicare, Medicaid or ERISA Liens Again!

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