Our Story

QuickLiens.com was launched online in response to attorney demand for swift compliance with federal and state regulations regarding lien resolution in personal injury settlements, specifically, Medicare liens. Thereafter, we expanded our services to include expedited health insurance liens, mass tort/class action lien resolution, Medicare Set-Aside allocations (MSAs), and other related services. Today we handle lien resolution and MSAs for law firms nationwide. Our organization thrives on constant referrals from satisfied attorneys

Why Hire Us?

OUR QUICK 2-STEP PROCESS – We make lien requests a snap for law firms. Online lien requests take minutes and we provide updates until the liens are received. Our process is preferred by firms with either high-volume personal injury or mass tort practices. 

OUR DEDICATED LIEN AGENTS –  Our staff works hard behind the scenes so that attorneys may focus on more important things critical to their practice. Faster liens typically effectuate faster settlement disbursements and happier clients.    

OUR EXTENSIVE HEALTH INSURANCE NETWORK – Our professional rapport with hundreds of Medicare/Medicaid/ERISA plans and their agents is translated to our customers. Our network is critical to processing urgent cases and expediting liens within timelines for settlement disbursement purposes. 

OUR SUCCESS IN REDUCING LIEN AMOUNTS – We enforce 42 CFR 411.37 lien reductions for attorney’s fees and costs. We also dispute unrelated claims and ask CMS to either reduce or waive their lien in certain situations. If you dump the case, get zeroed at trial, or negotiate a small settlement, we may reduce or waive our invoice. We want your long term business. 

OUR SOCIAL MEDIA – As federal and state jurisprudence and regulations often change, it remains of the utmost importance to keep up with new developments. Follow our social media accounts for updates.